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    14 Nov 2012
    How do I use this selector guide? The selector guide is set up for you to use quickly and accurately provided you know How Do I Know What Size Bar I Have?
    20 Jul 2018 This especially applies to power tools such as chainsaws. Measuring is essential to determining the size of your chainsaw guide bar.
    17 Dec 2016 How To Measure A Chainsaw Bar. Process: You need a tape measure the calculate distance between the end of the bar and the area in where it appears on the casing of the chain. Safety Precautions. Once again, we will remind you that a chainsaw is a dangerous tool. Conclusion. Learning how to measure chainsaw bar is
    Start measuring the chainsaw bar with the help of the measuring tape. You should measure from the beginning of the bar to the very tip. If the measurement isn’t an exact figure, please round it to the nearest inch. Also, you may search common chainsaw bar sizes on the internet to check some results.
    The most notable reason for you to measure your chainsaw’s guide bar is that you cannot replace the guide bar without knowing its specific length. Using a
    The length of a chainsaw chain compares to the saw’s bar measurement. Some manufacturers even sell replacement chains based on the the bar measurement
    Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch. To determine the chain gauge (equal to the width of the groove in your chainsaw bar), you can use this simple trick: Find a quarter, a dime, and a penny.
    Identifying a chain, guide bar and sprocket on a chainsaw can be tricky. There are 3 fundamental measurements when talking about bars and chains – pitch,

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